Chef Dane Catering began as My Personal Chef in 2000 after years of privately catering to the many requests of friends and family. Chef Dane worked with individual clients, providing meal services with in home preparation as the focus for many years. As time passed, the business focus shifted to social and corporate catering. To support this evolution, in 2016, Chef Dane Catering launched with the artisan built event concept and a new kitchen to meet the increased catering requests.

What makes us different?
Instead of ordering from a preset menu, you decide what will be created uniquely for your event. From a small, elegant dinner for two on your anniversary, to a neighborhood barbecue or even a gathering with 400 of your closest friends and family, let us help you design the perfect event. You can be involved in all of the planning or leave it entirely in the professional hands of a trusted expert.

We strongly believe our personal touch sets us apart. Getting to know you and understanding the details distinctive to your event is important for our team. This drives our business philosophy and successfully sets the stage for a truly artisan built event. From here, our culinary team showcases their versatility and flexibility combined with product knowledge to create a well-balanced menu for any event. Chef Dane Catering aspires to seasonal, high quality foods to create any style of culinary fare and service. From mac-n-cheese to foie gras, vegan to sushi, let us go to work for you.

Chef Dane Lee, owner - My culinary foundation is built on a variety of cuisines and first class service.  I have worked at Puget Sound’s most prominent restaurants including Wildflowers, Anthony’s Homeport, Fullers and Ray’s Boathouse. After nearly 20 years of operating my own business, I continue to be motivated working with both new and favorite clients to create unique memories. I share my passion and work ethic with my family; everyone is willing to pitch in, especially when it comes to testing new recipes!