Chef Dane Lee  Chef, Owner

My culinary foundation is built on a variety of cuisines and first class service.  I have worked at Puget Sound’s most prominent restaurants including Wildflowers, Anthony’s Homeport, Fullers and Ray’s Boathouse. After nearly 20 years of operating my own business, I continue to be motivated working with both new and favorite clients to create unique memories. I share my passion and work ethic with my family; everyone is willing to pitch in, especially when it comes to testing new recipes!

Carol Anne Lee  General Manager, Owner

After starting my restaurant career at the age of 14 in a family-run restaurant, I fell in love with the social, entertaining element of the hospitality industry - so why not make a career of it? I enjoy enhancing the guest experience by adding a personal touch. Shortly after receiving my Business Management degree, I moved to the Seattle area and found myself at Ray’s Boathouse. Following a 20 year career at Ray’s in various roles, including Boathouse and Operations/Purchasing Manager, I am focused on bringing that knowledge to help build our growing catering business.

Aleka Brown Event Specialist

As a 15-year old busgirl working in a family-owned Italian restaurant, I saw firsthand how rewarding it was to help create the intimate relationship between amazing food and personal, attentive service. Anticipating the needs of our guests, being flexible and collaborating with other team members to provide a seamless experience was all ingrained in me by the time I finished high school. I loved the high pace, ever-changing nature of hospitality and have continued to broaden my professional background by bringing 20+ years of experience to Chef Dane Catering.

Culinary team - We are fortunate to have a dedicated, passionate team that thrives on challenges. Faced with creating new recipes to satisfy client requests, the savory and pastry chefs keep flavors fresh!

Hospitality team - Our professional servers and bartenders enjoy connecting with clients whether in their corporate office, personal homes or local venues. The evolving style of events is motivating since each event is unique. It keeps the team on their toes!!